Taka: Some folks are still using ComicVine to upload images. I do still recommend using other sites. ComicVine had changed its URL twice due to being bought out. Plus, I don't know if they are going to reinforce the scan policy especially if they get the wiki Nov 29, 2019 21:29:51 GMT
Taka: mods involved. Most people don't know Anime Vice and Comic Vine's wiki system is related. I don't know if CV removed it or the staff still has access to it. There is an image activity feed. I remember using it to clean out porn bots back in the old site Nov 29, 2019 21:31:46 GMT
Taka: I recommend backing up your work always. Images tend to get broken regardless of source or you get those random code stuff if you work with tables. Nov 29, 2019 21:34:32 GMT
Taka: I think I'm going to discard manga list I have been building upon since 2013? It's a hassle to keep maintenance. Manga series - there are so many. You cannot make a list of what's current and ongoing due to various magazines and digital ones. Dec 1, 2019 19:12:54 GMT
Taka: There are really obscure ones that are very niche. Like Audioninja mentioned to me, there are ones that cater to older men with lots of muscles, ones to older women, and et cetera. Dec 1, 2019 19:13:41 GMT
Taka: FINAL FANTASY XV: EPISODE ARDYN – PROLOGUE won't be eligible. It's only one episode. I will make a list of ineligible titles to accompany the conditions since folks still nominate one shot anime, OVAs, shorts, movies. Dec 1, 2019 20:47:03 GMT
Taka: Finished Winter entries. Going to eat breakfast, well lunch technically. Dec 1, 2019 21:14:29 GMT
Taka: Here's the Best Anime and Manga Gdoc! We are doing a new project for new category: Manhwa/Manhua. Please help us out by checking if your favorite series is on it! Dec 2, 2019 4:51:20 GMT *
Dream: Sad news to report. Makio Inoue, voice of Captain Harlock and Lupin III's Goemon, passed away 3 days ago. RIP. Dec 2, 2019 22:27:01 GMT *
Taka: Rest in peace. Dec 3, 2019 2:56:05 GMT
watcher: May his soul rest in peace. Dec 3, 2019 21:52:44 GMT
Master Admiral Menos: My condolences go to him and his family. Dec 5, 2019 3:50:34 GMT
Dream: *sees Boruto is in pre-timeskip Naruto era.* Hate to ask, but what the hell is Kishimoto smoking right now? Dec 10, 2019 2:49:34 GMT
Raven Crow: For me he's smoking strange things since that terrible ninja war, thats why i dropped Naruto, Boruto, and maybe all the future utos, at least for now. Dec 10, 2019 4:51:32 GMT
Taka: I wish it was Genjutsu because they actually time travel and Boruto wasn't too careful when learning the truth behind his father and Sasuke's past. Dec 10, 2019 18:30:58 GMT
Dream: Must be some good stuff then if Kishimoto decided to pull a time travel gimmick. Dec 10, 2019 22:53:50 GMT
ShinGaoKaiser: Am I the only one who thinks Kishimoto was far more studious and hardworking than Toriyama? Dec 12, 2019 20:50:01 GMT
Dream: Kishimoto had more consistency than Toriyama when laying out Naruto's plot and world-building. But he still milked plot convenience and dragged plotting out during the series' critical points, notably during the Great Shinobi War arc. Dec 12, 2019 21:25:20 GMT
ShinGaoKaiser: He also did a much more polished job of thematic references, given that a lot of his stuff can be traced back to Ninja legends as well as Buddhist (Rinnegan) and Shinto (Sharingan) beliefs. Really did his homework on that front. Dec 12, 2019 21:56:06 GMT *
Taka: The arc was okay. Needs more interaction with more of Naruto's group for fan service and better villain. Dec 14, 2019 7:40:42 GMT