Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Discussion


Dream: So what do you prefer: Mac, PC, or DIO? Jan 7, 2020 4:04:05 GMT
HungryWorld: Came back from my vacation. Took a present with me: sickness :( Jan 7, 2020 13:49:59 GMT
Taka: Sorry to hear that Hungryworld. Been mostly PC. I did use MAC a lot because that one school class had MAC. Not sure what DIO is. I have to say PC since that is I'm mainly using. I'll be present in the weekends. Jan 7, 2020 21:57:05 GMT
Taka: My hometown is affected by MLK fever. We celebrate him every Sunday of this month. That's why I'm absent. I wished I get time. Jan 7, 2020 21:57:42 GMT
Dream: : Looks like you didn't click on the link in my last comment. You'll get the DIO nod when you click on it. Jan 7, 2020 22:15:55 GMT *
Master Menos: : I've always been a PC guy anyways. (Yeah, that was funny!) Jan 8, 2020 4:09:50 GMT
Master Menos: Sidebar updated! : My turn to scratch your back, Taka. 2019 me got really messed up with the job. @_@ Jan 8, 2020 4:53:59 GMT
Taka: Thanks ! I'll work on finishing the Winter 2020 guide. Jan 9, 2020 4:50:29 GMT
Dream: My second Funi poll is done. Titles I will be watching and reviewing will include Chobits, Samurai Champloo, Spice and Wolf, Gankutsuou, and Dance in the Vampire Bund. Will let folks know which one I start off tomorrow at some point. Jan 11, 2020 5:39:30 GMT
Dream: First anime I will sample among the Funi titles is Chobits. As a heads up, the series on Funi's Youtube channel is missing the two recap episodes the series aired. Not that I'll be missing those however. Jan 11, 2020 15:13:09 GMT
Dream: Wow, never knew Shinbo was Gil, Sousuke, and Domon. More you know. Jan 11, 2020 17:52:00 GMT
Dream: Just completed Chobits. Will get a review up for it at some point this afternoon. Jan 18, 2020 18:37:22 GMT
Dream: Chobits review is now up. Click here to check it out. Jan 18, 2020 19:48:04 GMT
Dream: Will post a little later what the next voted anime will be that I will watch and review. Jan 18, 2020 19:48:38 GMT
Dream: Next anime up to cover will be Dance in the Vampire Bund. Suppose a short anime will do for now following Chobits. Jan 18, 2020 21:32:36 GMT
Dream: Concluding things at episode 2 with Vampire Bund for the night. Hoping to get back to Basquatch tomorrow, as long as I'm not swamped with anything. Jan 19, 2020 3:00:33 GMT
Dream: Geez, it's really quiet. No activity in the forums since I posted my review from yesterday. Jan 19, 2020 15:57:41 GMT
Taka: I'll email the receipts. The best anime and manga of 2019 will be extended to Wed. I don't get time off for Mon because of community service. Please vote if you haven't yet. Thank you! Jan 19, 2020 20:44:07 GMT
Dream: Hmmmm... looks like the version of Vampire Bund I'm seeing on Funi's YouTube channel's an edited version. A couple minutes of episode 2 were clearly removed with Mina in nothing but underwear battling human assassins. Then again, recall there was a good... Jan 19, 2020 22:49:15 GMT
Dream: ...deal of controversy with the series a decade earlier thanks to the seemingly underaged nudity of Mina while in her younger form. Jan 19, 2020 22:50:13 GMT