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Dream: Got a new poll up for anyone interested in wanting to pick an anime on HI-DIVE for me to watch and review here on Vice. Jul 27, 2019 3:58:42 GMT
Mono: Will make the SD Gundam anime thread. I'll probably be the only watching one. Didn't think it get a simulcast. I usually don't make children anime discussion threads. Jul 27, 2019 16:28:16 GMT
Mono: Almost 10 o clock. I have to go. Have a nice weekend everyone. Jul 27, 2019 16:53:24 GMT
SadPanda: Press H for Respect Jul 27, 2019 17:37:42 GMT
Master Menos: H. Just heard of that too, but let's move that to the respective "club". Jul 27, 2019 22:45:03 GMT
Mono: I'll make a JoJo part for AudioNinja's JoJo thread. Jul 30, 2019 23:23:22 GMT
Jgames: Got the Evangelion movies since they were on sale so might as well review them, the review for the first movie is up. Aug 3, 2019 3:17:26 GMT
Dream: Started up Princess Tutu just today. I will concede that with all the anime I'm currently dabbling into, it may take time for me to complete the series. I might wind up extending my HI-DIVE subscription a month as a result. Aug 3, 2019 16:22:17 GMT
Mono: I got to do some catch up and post some fighting video game content that came out during EVO. Aug 5, 2019 23:22:32 GMT
Dream: On the note of new stuff, just got word that Aggretsuko's got a third season in the works. Aug 6, 2019 1:34:49 GMT
Mono: Oh I have not been reading anime news. That's good to hear. Aug 6, 2019 1:52:47 GMT
Jgames: Review up for Evangelion 2.0 (technically 2.22,but who cares). Aug 6, 2019 2:11:01 GMT *
Jgames: Also yay for more Aggretsuko, granted did not like season 2 as much as s1. Probably because I cannot relate as much to wanting to be marry and have kids. Aug 6, 2019 2:12:01 GMT
Dream: To celebrate the news, here's Retsuko in Death Metal mode. Aug 6, 2019 14:46:50 GMT
Dream: Damn, they really changed things up with Ritsu's episode for Fruits Basket. Watching it now, but may take time for me to whip up a comparison. Good lord, this will likely be as lengthy as the Hatori-focused stuff from a while back. Aug 9, 2019 20:39:58 GMT
Mono: Definitely will look forward to it Aug 10, 2019 4:36:30 GMT
Dream: Done with Xabungle. See if I can whip up some sort of review for it. Aug 18, 2019 15:19:58 GMT
Dream: Xabungle review is now up. Click here to check it out. Aug 18, 2019 20:31:15 GMT
Master Menos: It's that time again! Aug 19, 2019 14:13:51 GMT
Mono: On my lunch break. Will post the anime version ASAP Aug 19, 2019 21:24:55 GMT