Edward Cullen (Twilight) vs Klaus Mikaelson (The Originals)


Dream: Gotta love Japan and their hate for reverse importing. As a deterrent to Japanese buyers trying to import Maquia for a cheaper price (since buying anime in Japan's costly enough), DVD releases of the movie lack a Japanese audio choice and the Blu-Ray... Sept 9, 2019 21:33:08 GMT
Dream: ...release has the Japanese and English versions of the film on separate video tracks with English subtitles hard-subbed onto the Japanese video track. Something to keep in mind when choosing what format of the movie you wish to buy. Sept 9, 2019 21:35:08 GMT
Jgames: I mean is blu-ray or go home Unless its an old anime then it is not worth getting it in blu-ray most of the time, with there being some exception. Also that news is really old, but hey that movie deserve more love. Sept 10, 2019 3:27:05 GMT
Dream: Well, it's one thing to acknowledge if the movie only had an English dub for the DVD release. But the case for the movie says it has Japanese audio with English subtitles as an option. Misprinting error at its finest. :P Sept 10, 2019 3:57:37 GMT *
Dream: And I actually wasn't aware of the reverse import measures put in place for Maquia until I seen I had no choice to get Japanese audio on my DVD for it and researched online to find out why I could only get English audio on it. Sept 10, 2019 3:59:22 GMT
Jgames: Could have sworn you was the one who a while back talk about Maquia dvd situation. But looking back, I am pretty sure it was TAKA. Also again Blu-ray > DVD...usually, there always random error in formatting and other weird stuff. Sept 10, 2019 4:51:49 GMT
Jgames: Also need to finish proof reading my review for Nezha, a chinese cgi animated movie that made over 600 million dollar in china which is impressive. Also its on MAL so I am counting it as an anime. Saw it on IMAX 3d, like the movie, but a waste of extra 6 Sept 10, 2019 4:55:13 GMT
Jgames: dollar for essentially 3d subtitled. Also there was way more people in the theater for that movie, mostly asian people, with me being the only non-asian person, but not the only non-chinese person as my friend was vietnamese. Sept 10, 2019 4:56:38 GMT *
Dream: Regardless, looks like DVD distribution's going more and more by the wayside. Not as many of Funi's recent releases are in Blu-Ray/ DVD combo sets and Sentai and Rightstuf appear to have completely phased out DVDs as a format choice for anime release. Sept 10, 2019 14:56:46 GMT
Jgames: Well yeah, easier on them. I mean yes DVD being a cheaper is definitely a big benefit, but more and more anime are just not looking as good in the DVD compare to the Blu-Ray due to trying to change format and incompetence. Sept 10, 2019 20:07:50 GMT
Jgames: Also posted my review on Nezha, which I saw more than a week ago, but just did not had the time to write about till now. Sept 10, 2019 20:09:51 GMT
Mono: DVDS phase out VHS tapes much faster than BDS do to DVDS. It's too bad, BDs' cost doesn't go down? Not sure if that's the reason. Anime markets - you see a lot of DVDS still especially at cons. Sept 13, 2019 6:11:41 GMT
Dream: Well that's true. By 2000, DVDs sold enough to surpass VHS in sales and the format was eventually phased out all together by 2005. In comparison though, physical media formats seem to be stalling in sales since more people are getting their content online. Sept 13, 2019 13:53:03 GMT
Dream: Granted in regards of anime, some distributors like Sentai and Rightstuf have totally phased out DVDs. But some like Funimation and Viz Media are still selling a number of their titles in DVD format via combo sets. But more people seem to like buying... Sept 13, 2019 13:56:07 GMT
Dream: ...anime in a digital format via streaming services or owning the content to play at their leisure considering anime's more costly to buy physically than many mainstream movies and TV shows, especially from high-end distributors like Aniplex. Sept 13, 2019 13:57:42 GMT *
Dream: Well one interview's a bust. Turned down for one of the four jobs I recently interviewed for. Sept 13, 2019 17:18:20 GMT
Mono: Oh I see. Though digital only content has its limits. I heard for some digital purchases, you don't own it realistically. For video games media, the digital item itself can expire. You cannot reinstall it should you delete it. Sept 14, 2019 2:11:33 GMT
Dream: Gonna surmise as a piracy countermeasure, which doesn't surprise me. Sept 14, 2019 17:31:57 GMT
Mono: Damn it, first Vinland Saga and now Blade of the Immortal. Bit of a coincidence with Amazon grabbing the mature historical fictional titles. Sept 15, 2019 3:00:23 GMT
Jgames: Speaking of digital, I remember I used to be able to download video of any movie or tv show I purchased from Amazon, but then they took that service out which sucks imo. I mean there offline view, but I cannot technically own it now even though I bought it Sept 15, 2019 6:22:35 GMT