The Demon King Caesar's Feats


Takashichea, Apr 21, 2017 17:38:56 GMT:
    Don't have much plans for the weekend. Just work. Speaking of high school, I haven't seen any of them for the last 6 or 7 years.
RebelOutlaw, Apr 21, 2017 20:25:19 GMT:
    dang I still see a couple every once in a while. I see two almost every other weekend others I may chat with on facebook or see them out and about.
RebelOutlaw, Apr 21, 2017 20:47:36 GMT:
*     still Jockey's Ridge is still the best
Pro Magician Menos, Apr 21, 2017 21:16:38 GMT:
    I sometimes run into my high school friends on Facebook, but nothing more since I moved out of their state right after graduating. My college buddies on the other hand, I plan to hang with more.
Takashichea, Apr 21, 2017 21:46:39 GMT:
    I never use Facebook that often. I know some of them stay close but only to their cliques, not their academies which we called "programs" in high schools. The only groups I stay in contact was my ethnic group and natural sciences for college
Takashichea, Apr 21, 2017 21:48:42 GMT:
    College groups require folks to stay "together" and network through FB these days and help each other. I do help out since they help me out in terms of mutual exchange.
RebelOutlaw, Apr 21, 2017 21:58:29 GMT:
    in high school I was the type that had friends from every group so if I randomly message somebody and ask to hangout it isn't odd. As for college well I decided to take a semester off then transfer to a closer school so my college friends are sorta hard to
RebelOutlaw, Apr 21, 2017 21:58:35 GMT:
    get up with and hangout
Takashichea, Apr 21, 2017 22:08:19 GMT:
    oh the direct opposite of my situation. It was hard to get friends in high school or to arrange meetings for me compared to college.
RebelOutlaw, Apr 21, 2017 22:20:19 GMT:
    odd. It helped that I had a older sister so I had a ton of upper classmen friends and I'm naturally a friendly person
Dream, Apr 22, 2017 0:31:09 GMT:
    Took close to two months, but I finally wrapped up the last of the Urusei Yatsura anime I have on me. Going through 195 TV episodes, 6 movies, and 11 OVA episodes was quite a chore.
RebelOutlaw, Apr 22, 2017 5:50:32 GMT:
    well heading off to bed. I will be back on maybe sometime later after the festival.
Dream, Apr 23, 2017 14:59:20 GMT:
    This week's schedule: Spring Break's done, so I'm back to working evenings again. I'll be on here tomorrow and Tuesday evening. After that, won't be on much until Friday since I have an appointment to make Thursday morning and work during the day Friday.
RebelOutlaw, Apr 23, 2017 23:13:45 GMT:
    Watching Bill Nye saves the World on netflix
Takashichea, Apr 23, 2017 23:40:59 GMT:
    My schedule is pretty same. Just home around 2-4 PM depending if there are lot of shop requests to finish.
Pro Magician Menos, Apr 24, 2017 18:59:55 GMT:
    The Manga Series of the Month Voting thread for this May is now up!
Pro Magician Menos, Apr 24, 2017 21:01:26 GMT:
    The Anime Series of the Month Voting Thread for May is also up!
Takashichea, Apr 24, 2017 23:22:02 GMT:
    The OP and Ed of the month along with Best Battle User voting threads are up as well.
Pandamonium, Apr 25, 2017 23:40:07 GMT:
[KHORNE], Apr 26, 2017 13:47:04 GMT: