The 8 Star Demon Lords/The Octagram


Old Man Dream: Have my review for To Your Eternity now up for anyone interested. Dec 22, 2021 22:58:04 GMT
Old Man Dream: Hmmmmm... if I had to pick five anime from this year I'd consider favorites in no particular order, would go with the following: Beastars Season 2, Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, Megalobox 2, and Kageki Shoujo. Dec 25, 2021 2:38:25 GMT
Old Man Dream: Know it's a bit unusual for me to pick a movie with Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop. But that one's on Netflix for those curious. Dec 25, 2021 2:39:15 GMT
Merry Menos: Merry Christmas!!! Dec 25, 2021 6:34:11 GMT
HungryWorld: Merry Christmas! Dec 25, 2021 20:16:14 GMT
Taka: Merry Christmas! Dec 26, 2021 1:45:00 GMT
Taka: I don't have a list of top anime for 2021 yet. Dec 26, 2021 3:18:25 GMT
Merry Menos: Me neither. My other endeavors messed me up. I need to fix that... Dec 26, 2021 4:39:34 GMT
Old Man Dream: This just in: Mahotsukai no Yoru, a Type Moon visual novel focused on Aozaki sisters Aoko and Touko, is getting an anime film adaptation from Ufotable. Dec 26, 2021 17:38:32 GMT
HungryWorld: I don't have a list of top anime for 2021 either at the moment. Been a bit too busy with everything... Dec 26, 2021 22:42:28 GMT
Old Man Dream: Only brought up 2021 anime because I'm largely set with viewing stuff for the year. Might go back to sample some stuff since I think ANN's gonna post their favorites for this year. Otherwise, that's what I have for right now. Dec 27, 2021 2:17:12 GMT
Taka: January 2022 Anime poll is up! Dec 30, 2021 8:47:27 GMT *
Taka: Happy New Year to the other side of the world! Jan 1, 2022 0:16:28 GMT
Old Man Dream: Less than two and a half hours to 2022 from my end. Jan 1, 2022 2:35:51 GMT
Taka: 6 hours for me. Jan 1, 2022 2:54:54 GMT
Taka: Happy New Year! Jan 1, 2022 8:04:39 GMT
Merry Menos: Happy New Year!!! Jan 1, 2022 16:51:42 GMT
Merry Menos: Have the MOTM poll as well! Last Year gave me one last rough ride. Jan 1, 2022 17:07:06 GMT
thegoldenboy2188: Yes, the grail is so Karna can fight like he does with Sieg. Jan 8, 2022 0:25:30 GMT
Old Man Dream: 10 days left. :P Jan 17, 2022 22:59:35 GMT